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"They say the best weapon is the one you never have to fire. I respectfully disagree. I prefer the weapon you only have to fire once."

Little Hades
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Mun Info

Name: K
Age: Well over 18
Contact: Pm or Plurk at Gavinner

Character: Anthony Tony Stark
Canon: MCU
Canon Point: Preferrably after the Avengers and maybe at the beginning of Iron Man 3

Concrit: more than welcomed! IP off Anon on. Using specific examples and threads help, but if they're overall general comments those work too.
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Tony Stark

Genius Billionaire Playboy Philanthropist
I am Iron Man

Irrational, Nobody, Celebate, Selifish asshole. Has Anger Management problems. Not a very good Super Hero.

Small dick. Carpets don't match the drapes. Has a thing for Russian Soldiers.

Placeholder until I fill it all out
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"You have reached the life model decoy of Tony Stark. Official consulting hours are between 8 and 5 every other Thursday. Please leave a message."

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💀 Player Information
Name: K
Age: 28
Contact: [ profile] gavinner
Characters In-game: N/A

💀 Character Information
Name:Tony Stark
Canon: Marvel Cinematic Universe
Canon Point: End of Captain America: Civil War. After his fight with Steve, Tony's injuries were much worse than he thought and he died after Bucky and Steve left him in Sibera
Age: 45 (almost 46 but too bad)
Description: For a guy in his 40's Tony's not bad looking. He's all style and charisma. Now that he's aged like a fine wine, he's starting to show a bit of gray hairs, but that's fine. Silver foxes are in, okay. He's also relatively handsome, with dark eyes, long lashes, and a goatee that is geometrically shaped because reasons. Tony stands at a whopping 5'9" which... okay, that isn't that tall but it's decent. Compared to the rest of his super hero friends, though? Yeah, he's a bit of a shorty. His body tends to lean towards the slimmer side (again compared to his Avenging friends) but he's well toned. There's a large scar over his chest from where the Arc Reactor used to be and probably a few others from various battles or mechanical injuries. His hands are calloused due to working with tools and metal for so many years.
Physical changes: Remember that scar where the arc reactor used to be? Well, now there's a large glowing stone approximately the size of a fist sitting right there. It tends to glow blue but can sometimes turn yellow or orange or even red depending on his mood (if allowed). Guess there was no point in getting that surgery, afterall.
Powers: None.
History: 6 movies worth of history!
Hell Status: Hell Newbie
What Brings Them To Hell: What didn't he do? Being an alcoholic and a womanizer is probably enough reason to throw him in hell. But on top of that, Tony spent most of his adult life building weapons of mass destruction and building a fortune on war profiteering. There's also that one time he took out the Ten Rings. Needless to say, there's quite a bit of blood on his hands. Oh, and getting his friends thrown in prison after that fight on the runway. Also his pathetic attempt to kill the Winter Soldier. That obviously didn't work out too well for him.

Yeah, he needs to burn.
The Pitch:
So, you want to know what makes Tony Stark interesting? The first things that come to mind are genius billionaire playboy philanthropist. But really, those words just scratch the surface. Yeah, he's a technological genius. He can probably fix anything if he sets his mind to it. He's also got a lot of money thanks to Stark Industries. And yeah, he might have been a playboy before Pepper. And Philanthropist... yeah, he throws his money around.

Tony can easily socialize with most people, but he tends to keep them at arm's distance. He avoids most serious subjects with most people and when asked very serious questions, he'll turn them around and change the subject (usually to something about pop culture or technology...or himself). Tony tends to keep most subjects lighthearted, and cracks a lot of one-liners and pop culture references. This is generally the Tony Stark that most people are familiar with. He's the one calling Captain America 'Spangles' and poking fun at Norse Gods. Respect from Tony is earned and even when you have it, it probably means he'll have more fun at your expense and probably even moreso than with someone else. (See: Captain America and Nick Fury)

Like most of the other Avengers, Tony makes rash decisions that can end in life or death. Sometimes they involve sacrificing himself for the good of humanity and sometimes they involve leveling a city block in order to stop an unruly Hulk. Tony tries to calculate the risks in his mind, but sometimes he doesn't take everything into consideration-mostly the emotional impact it has on those affected. This then later shows up as guilt. and guilt is what eats away at Tony every day.

Also one time Tony gave a terrorist his address on live TV and got his house blown up. And brought a sixteen year old into a war and had said kid beat up on Captain America. So yeah, he's bad at decision making.

Tony does not do well with failure. This could be due to how strict and demanding his father was during his upbringing. The death of Yensin weighed heavily on his heart and gave him the motivation to break free from the Ten Rings. The 'death' of Phil Coulson got him and the other Avengers to work together to defeat Loki. Even the large scale destruction and mass deaths of Sokovia prompted him to sign the Sokovia Accords and work with General Ross. Tony's obsessive personality doesn't help with this, either. Tony can spend hours and hours in his workshop working on things, developing new ways of keeping people safe, but the core of that obsession it will be the guilt, and fear. Tony's fear is something that also drives him. One of his greatest fears was the possibility of everyone else dying while he's left alive to watch. It's also a selfish fear, but hey, Tony's a selfish man.

You can blame being an only child for that one.

Setting Fit:
Tony will not take dying very well, nor will he take the whole glowing stone in his chest well, either. He might freak out about it, but considering the circumstances of how he died he might have some beef with some of the residents of Little Hades. He's got some massive anger and guilt problems at the canon point from which he's pulled, so it might take a while to get over that. It's a possibility that The Winter Soldier and Captain America might be at the receiving end of that anger, but who knows! He might sass and lash out at anyone else. Or he might get his ass handed to him by someone he just happens to piss off (he tends to do that a lot). Hell sucks when you don't have a giant computerized suit of armor to help you.

Afterward, he might try to settle in. It's hell, but it doesn't have to be boring, right? He can try partying and maybe making some mischief would be fun. Hell, maybe raising a little hell and making friends with some new partners in crime would help him cope with that. Maybe he can start a forgery. There's plenty of metal and fire around, amirte?

Sample 1
Sample 2
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Player Information
Your Name: K
Age: 28
How can we get a hold of you: [ profile] gavinnerAre you a current member?: NO
Character you play if yes: N/A

Character Information
Full Name: Anthony (Tony) Edward Stark
Canon: Marvel Cinematic Universe
Age: 45
Point in Canon: End of Age of Ultron (will proooobably be updated to civil war later on)

History: Movie Wiki Link

Tony Stark is a self-titled Genius Billionaire Playboy Philanthropist. He is known through the media as playboy, known for his exploits and extravagant party lifestyle. As former CEO of a successful company, he uses his success to his advantage. He can come off as a know it all, often talking over others and sharing information when nobody really asks. This over confidence could be why he is one of the few super heroes to publicly reveal his identity. He’s also got a flair for drama, often making grand entrances to announce his appearance. His personality (and ego) seems to fill up the entire room, and he generally tends gear most attention towards himself.

Tony Stark is a born genius, described as the “Da Vinci of Our Time.” At age four he built his first circuit board (keep in mind, this is 1974 and the technology is there, just not as easily accessible as it is today) and at six he built his first engine, at seventeen he graduated summa cum laude from MIT. It is assumed that during this time he began writing the program for JARVIS, a completely independent AI system capable of managing various functions including flight navigation of the Iron Man suit (though this specific function was updated into his programming much later). He took hold of Stark Industries at age 21, a few years after his parents’ death in a tragic car accident. This made him the youngest CEO of a fortune 500 company in the world. Over the years Stark Industries’ profits grew under Tony’s leadership and became the leader in militarized weapon manufacturing. Weapons like the Jericho missile were the cutting edge in weapons technology. Tony is also capable of making due with limited technology in order to make extraordinary things. During his time in Afghanistan and with the help of his fellow captive Yensid, he was able to create a miniaturized Arc Reactor (a technology that had been assumed to have little benefit) and the first prototype of the Iron Man armor (Mark I). The two were able to create these breakthroughs in technology with little supplies and under extreme pressure. It can be assumed that some of Tony’s best creations have been made when under pressure. A prime example of this would be the new nameless element he created using his father’s notes. At the time, Tony was dying due to palladium poisoning from his arc reactor. The pressure of dying and SHIELD’s own pressure helped Tony create the element (it’s still unnamed… he’ll get back to the Nobel committee with a name when he’s not busy saving the world). He also can pick up on most scientific research instantaneously. This can be seen when he became an expert in thermonuclear astrophysics overnight.

Tony often likes to think out loud. Whether this is due to the fact that he’s used to JARVIS around, or he just likes to hear his own voice is unknown. If there is someone around, he will voice his thoughts aloud whether or not they want to hear them. He is also constantly thinking of new ideas, inventions, programs, solutions to problems, etc. His mind is often on overdrive and he gets very little sleep due to the fact that he is always working either in his workshop (his preferred place of work) or elsewhere via Starkpad or Starkphone. Unfortunately he only works on what he actually wants to work on, versus anything that actually needs to be done.

When it comes to people, he is often very social around others, making easy conversation but he will often keep most people at arm’s distance. There are very few that he truly cares about and trusts. When asked serious questions by people he’s not close to (members of the press, employees, etc.) he often deflects and changes subject. Often times he will turn the questions around on others, and not really take anybody seriously. Most of his conversations are generally light hearted but lack any seriousness if he really wants to avoid the subject. He often makes pop culture references and cracks a lot of one liners. Most people are enamored with Tony’s larger than life personality, as he’s known for always having fun and partying. He has an air of confidence about him (more than likely over confidence) that tends to make others want to work with him or directly challenge him.

Tony has been described to have ‘Textbook Narcissism.’ He’s very self-centered and tends to not take others into consideration. This can go for opinions, suggestions, anything really. He’s often far too wrapped up in himself and his own problems to pay attention to anybody else. This often puts a strain on the few relationships he has with those he cares about whether romantic or platonic. Probably the most obvious example of this would be his relationship with Pepper Potts. Due to Tony’s own self-centered tendencies, he has put a strain on their romantic relationship. He’s put her in dangerous situations, blatantly ignored her, and has taken advantage of the various things she has done for him. At one point he bought her strawberries to apologize, only to be reminded that Pepper is indeed allergic to the fruit. His excuse was ‘I remembered something about strawberries.’ Tony does acknowledge that he has these tendencies, but it wasn’t until after the battle of New York that he tried to actually change this about himself with very little success.

When left on his own, Tony will often give in to his own obsessive tendencies. These obsessions tend to lean towards technology and intellectual subjects. Since stepping down as CEO of Stark Industries, he has become the head of Research and Development. This has led to him creating various inventions, software, and Iron Man prototypes. He has been known to spend days in his workshop not sleeping and constantly working or ‘tinkering’ as he says. He only comes out to occasionally get food (often times a slice of pizza or something else unhealthy). He has even attempted to go fake ‘dates’ with Pepper the by remotely controlling Iron Man suit in his place while he continues to work. While this obsession has led to leaps and bounds in technology, it has often distanced him from people and human interaction. These obsessive tendencies also come out when he is faced with emotional and personal problems. He’d much rather distract himself with technology than face any personal issues.

After the battle of New York, Tony showed symptoms of undiagnosed PTSD (because why diagnose a problem he doesn’t think he has? He’s totally fine. Panic attacks? What panic attacks? Nope, he has no idea what you’re talking about). This shows up in the form of severe panic attacks and nightmares. It can also be assumed that he had some form of PTSD after Afghanistan, but the symptoms were not as noticeable and he had buried himself in the creation of the Iron Man suit (Marks II and III). However, after New York, he couldn’t sleep because he was worried and stressed about new threats that he couldn’t take care of alone as Iron Man, and obsessively Assembled the Iron Legion. This PTSD also lead to the creation of Ultron. In Tony's desperation to keep the world (and the Avengers) safe, Tony built an AI using alien technology. This AI was then Ultron, and that didn't go so well. Needless to say, Tony semi learned his lesson after that.

Tony has been known to make very rash decisions without fully thinking (or caring) about the consequences. Often times he will act on instinct and emotion. A prime example of this would be the challenge he made to the Mandarin on national television which lead to the destruction of his Malibu mansion and his assumed ‘death.’ These decisions also show some of his self-destructive behavior. In the battle of New York, Tony intercepted a missile ready to kill millions of civilians and propelled it through the portal created by the tesaract. There was very little chance of him returning to earth, and despite knowing these odds, he went through it anyways. Tony also tends to not listen to authority. He's mouthed off to Congress and called them a bunch of assclowns as well as publicly hacked into HammerTech in front of them. If he has a point to make, he doesn't think twice about the consequences of his actions. There some rare occasions when he will listen to those he begrudgingly respects (very rarely will he listen to Steve Rogers on the field) but they're there.

Tony can drink too much on occasion. He is fully aware that this can be a problem, and has caused problems in the past (the drunken Iron Man armor fight with Rhodey is a prime example). He is also fully aware that he might be dependent on alcohol, but he really doesn’t care enough about it to fix that about himself. This behavior could be attributed to watching his father constantly drink while he was a child. Tony’s relationship with his father was very strained. He describes his father as being cold, distant, and always disappointed. However, it was his disappointment that gave Tony the drive to become what he is today and make Stark Industries an even more powerful company than Howard Stark could ever dream of.

Magical Powers: None

Skills and Weapons:
As described above, he is a scientific and engineering genius. He’s capable of thoroughly learning complex scientific subjects overnight. Despite his vast scientific knowledge, he prefers engineering and mechanics. He’s an expert on robotics and weaponry as well as computer programming. As stated before, he can pretty much build anything in any condition. He is also capable of basic hand to hand combat (Dirty Boxing as described by Happy Hogan, but it's probably some form of mixed Martial Arts) and knows self-defense. Tony is also fluent in English, French, and has basic knowledge of various other languages.

-The Iron Man suit. Should this be in weapons? OOPS. Yeah, it can now compact into tiny tiny pieces, and can be at LEAST as small as a briefcase. Yay for nano tech. This suit also comes with his AI, Friday.
-A small pocket tool kit. Sweet.
-Swanky clothes, mostly consisting of band shirts, blazers and other things.
-Stark Phone, probably a Stark Pad, and proooobably his own high-powered laptop.

1-Vampire- Think of all the Twilight jokes that'll be made. Also, Tony's a huge insomniac. He can spend days in his workshop tinkering away. He doesn't need to see the sun. Ever.

2-Trick or Treater- I liked the mask aspect and the idea of building a costume. Tony pretty much just builds a giant suit of armor and that's kind of a costume, right? Yeah, sure. He also loves having a good time and the whole of idea of tricking can be fun.
3-Ragdoll-The aspect of self repair and sewing is a very interesting concept and could be fun to play out.

What caused your character to drink the potion? Science! Sort of. Tony wanted to see what would happen. Part of him was skeptic as he drank it, but hey, if it worked, think of all the science that could happen. Fun stuff, man.

First Person Sample:
Here we are asking for either:

This link has a many threads in it :X

Third Person Sample:
TDM Link!

Why do you want to join Halloween Town: Friends and a cute concept for a game, yo. Also I'm hoping to get some really great development for Tony, here. C:
Do you have any questions?: Nein.
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"Steve Rogers is dead."

Those are the only words he has to say to this impostor. Was that Hell, he was never given permission to speak during the mission. He was already breaking rules. He'd carry out his mission.

He punches him, hears the man say that name again. Tony punches him again. And again and again until he's pinned the man down underneath him and he lays on one blow after another.

Steve is dead. Steve is dead. Steve is dead. He says it the man below him, says it to himself. The more he says it, the more it reminds him of the truth. Steve is dead because of him. Steve is dead because he couldn't save him in time. Steve is dead because he failed at his mission. Steve is dead because he lacked order.

His voice his hoarse from shouting. When did he start shouting it? When did the tears start again? This wasn't the time. It wasn't the place. He had a mission to carry out. His handler would be angry if he didn't succeed. Why was this so difficult?

He looks at the impostor below him. His face is bloodied, bruised. There are indents and cuts where the gauntlets made impact. He glances at his gauntlets now covered in blood and looks back at the impostor before he presses the gauntlet to his throat and applies pressure.

"Steve is dead," He reminds himself again, this time much quieter. His voice cracks, but he ignores it. Steve is gone. Steve is nothing but a memory, now. Steve is dead. "Steve is-"

A trembling hand reaches for his arm. He eases up the pressure on the man's throat.

"I'm right here."

Tony feels his world shatter.
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"You have reached the life model decoy of Tony Stark. Official consulting hours are between 8 and 5 every other Thursday. Please leave a message."

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"You have reached the life model decoy of Tony Stark. Official consulting hours are between 8 and 5 every other Thursday. Please leave a message."

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